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"Our mission is to extend God's healing by providing inclusive, quality primary medical and dental care to all those who need it."

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Women's Health Programs

HealthyWoman Program

The HealthyWoman Program provides women with access to BREAST and CERVICAL CANCER Screening and Diagnostic services at no cost. The services provided through the HealthyWoman Program include:

  • Mammograms

  • Pelvic Exams

  • Clinical Breast Exams

  • Pap Tests

  • Education & Referral Services

  • Annual Exams 

  • Follow-up Diagnostic care for an abnormal result


A woman qualifies for the HealthyWoman Program if she meets the following criteria:

  • She is 40 – 64 years old (women under 40 may qualify if special criteria are met)

  • Has no insurance or limited insurance or if she has difficulty paying a co-pay or deductible

  • Has a low to moderate income


To find out if she qualifies, a woman can call Reproductive Health Services at the River Valley Health and Dental Center (570)-567-5400.  The receptionist will ask a series of questions which will determine eligibility. All inquiries and patient information are kept confidential.


The HealthyWoman Program is operated through the PA Dept. of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Learn more at http://healthywomanprogram.com

The Reproductive Health staff at River Valley Health and Dental Center are committed to providing patient centered, high quality health care to all women.  Specialized services include Reproductive and Sexual Health Services, the HealthyWoman and WISEWOMAN programs and the State Plan Amendment for Family Planning Services (SPA).

Reproductive, Sexual Health and Family Planning Services

Promoting reproductive health at every stage of life, Reproductive Health Services offers physical/gynecological examinations, family planning services, pregnancy testing and options counseling, breast and cervical cancer screening and other diagnostic testing services, patient education and referrals to social services, medical services and other agencies.

Reproductive Health Services encourages individuals to make family planning an important part of their lifestyle. Including access to contraception are provided. Some of the available methods are oral contraceptives, contraceptive injections Nexplanon hormonal implant, Nuvaring, Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) and condoms.

State Plan Amendment for Family Planning Services (SPA)

A Pennsylvania Medicaid waiver program that offers free and confidential reproductive and sexual health management services for eligible individuals, both males and females. The Reproductive Health Services staff will assist individuals in determining eligibility and completing the application process.

The WISEWOMAN program is a free Cardiovascular Disease Screening Program which is integrated into the HealthyWoman program. These services are available through the WISEWOMAN Program:

  • Screenings for Cardiovascular disease, heart disease and stroke risk factors

  • Blood pressure checks and monitoring

  • Cholesterol and blood sugar testing

  • Body Mass Index and Waist to Hip Measurements

  • Possible referrals to participate in programs offered by other organizations to learn more about changing diet and increasing activity levels (Weight Watchers, TOPS, YMCA). These services are also offered at no cost to program participants.

  • Possible referrals to a free or low cost health care provider for follow-up visits

  • Healthy Behavior and Risk Reduction Counseling and Coaching Calls

  • Free health and nutrition materials (e.g. healthy cooking tools, recipe booklets and printed materials, blood pressure monitor)

  • Tobacco Cessation information and referral


To be eligible for the WISEWOMAN Program a person must be between the ages of 40 and 64 and be enrolled in the HealthyWoman Program.


The WISEWOMAN Program is operated through the PA Dept. of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).