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"Our mission is to extend God's healing by providing inclusive, quality primary medical and dental care to all those who need it."


River Valley Health and Dental Center has achieved NCQA's Patient Centered Medical Home Level 3 Accreditation

River Valley Health and Dental Center
Who we are:

In 2017, the River Valley Health and Dental Center served approximately 15,172 patients, with 29,089 medical visits and 21,434 Dental visits.

With five physicians, nine certified registered nurse practitioners, one physician assistant, four dentists and five dental hygienists, RVH&DC ensures greater access, with expanded hours (night and weekends) and works to reduce other barriers to care. The Center serves all in the greater river valley area addressing the most pressing healthcare issues of our community.

We also seek to address many of the underlying factors that may cause sickness, such as lack of nutrition, mental illness, homelessness and addiction, with education, resources and services, proactively helping our patients to manage chronic conditions for improved and sustainable outcomes.

We want to establish for all of our patients, a “medical home” with primary care delivery that empowers providers and care teams to treat patients with respect, dignity, and compassion, enabling strong and trusting relationships.


This Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH model) is intended to provide:

Comprehensive Care designed to meet the majority of a patient’s physical and mental health care needs through a team-based approach to care.
Patient-Centered Care means delivery of primary care that is oriented towards the whole person. This care can be achieved by partnering with patients and families through an understanding of and respect for culture, unique needs, preferences, and values.


Coordinated Care seeks to work across all elements of the health care system, such as specialty care, hospitals, home health care, and community services, with an emphasis on efficient care transitions.

Accessible Services are achieved through minimizing wait times, enhanced office hours, and after-hours access to providers through alternative methods such as telephone or email.

Quality & Safety is paramount for providing safe, high-quality care through clinical decision-support tools, evidence-based care, shared decision-making, performance measurement, and population health management. Sharing quality data and improvement activities also contribute to a systems-level commitment to quality.

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A DBA of Susquehanna Community

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"Our mission is to extend God's healing by providing inclusive, quality primary medical and dental care to all those who need it."

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